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  1. Although no longer in production in most countries, there are still plenty of carburated engines in service, with which engine braking is counter-productive to fuel economy due to the lack of a DFCO mechanism.
  2. Recently Royal Enfield has undergone a major retooling particularly in the engine department going from carburated cast-iron engines to twin spark unit construction engines on all its models, with Electronic Fuel Injection ( EFI ) available on their flagship 500 cc model.
  3. A final series Supersport the SS / FE ( Final Edition ) was also available in 98, but featured the new graphics, came only in silver with black wheels, had the single seat and upswept exhausts of the Superlight and represented the last carburated Supersport.
  4. The basic "'4A "'was a SOHC inline four ( I4 ) 8-valve carburated engine which produces 78-90 hp ( 58-67 kW ) at 4800 rpm, torque : 85 lb穎t ( 115 N穖 ) at 2800 rpm.
  5. These models are not equipped with emissions equipment  catalytic converters and sensors as well as EGR . B13's where sold new from 1990 to 1999 . The LEC version comes with the standard GA13 Carburated engine as well as the LEC Ps ( Power Steering model ).
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  7. The powerplant was adopted from the 2000 sedan and available in two states of tune : carburated on the 2000 Coup? Bosch electronic fuel injection and engine management on the 2000 HF . The HF was recognizable by the body-side rub-strip, wooden Nardi steering wheel, and magnesium alloy wheels by Cromodora.
  8. During this period, the designation S ( for " Sedan " ) was used for standard carburated short-wheelbase models; an E ( for " Einspritzung ", German for fuel-injection ) was added to the 250SE, 280SE and 300SE . Long-wheelbase models gained an L ( for " Lang ", German for " long " ), reflecting an extra 10 centimeters added in the rear passenger compartment.
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