car accidents in a sentence

  1. Both novels pivot around a horrifying car accident involving two boys.
  2. This fear of flying probably started after my second car accident.
  3. You were in a car accident that almost took your life.
  4. I think now even a car accident would be less cruel.
  5. Their father had died in a car accident a year earlier.
  6. It's difficult to find car accidents in a sentence.
  7. "It's the same with a car accident.
  8. If there is a car accident, you do an investigation.
  9. Montgomery told friends she suffered pain from a past car accident.
  10. Two other Germans died from storm-related car accidents Friday.
  11. September 1990 _ Yeltsin drops out of sight after car accident.
  12. September _ Disappears briefly from public view after a car accident.
  13. Land mines and car accidents accounted for most of the casualties.
  14. Car accidents and land mines have caused most of the casualties.
  15. A third was killed in a car accident before the war.
  16. Most of them were victims of land mines or car accidents.
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