car accessories in a sentence

  1. But on a recent shopping spree, she discovered a line of pink car accessories, including a cool clip-on hanger, priced at $ 8.49, and designed to fit over your car's built-in coat hook.
  2. Working under a NASA contract for Williams Research performed the design and analysis on the gas turbine engine, while AMC's AM General subsidiary did the vehicle installation studies, supplied the vehicle, transmission, drivetrain, and the typical car accessories.
  3. It's also obvious when they spend $ 10, 000 a year on car accessories, satellite radio, porn, game cartridges, game systems, computer systems, software, etc ., but whine that diamond rings are " unimportant ".
  4. The game pies and other delicacies of Chartres are well known, and the industries also include flour-milling, brewing, distilling, iron-founding, leather manufacture, perfumes, dyeing, and the manufacture of electronic equipment, car accessories, stained glass, billiard requisites and hosiery.
  5. The car was marketed in the U . K . as " NSU TYP 110 ", and Karobes, a major supplier of car accessories, provided a head rest specially for this car : " A new one which can be fitted without a screw, and may be adjusted forwards and backwards ."
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