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  • 拜访地点
  • 短暂的停留/
  • 访问(某处)
  • 访问(某人的家)
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  • call:    vt. 1.大声念[说],喊,叫。 ...
  • at call:    即期付款; 遂时偿付; 通知付款;按 ...
  • at the call of:    在…的号召下
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  1. I will call at six o'clock, if that is all right to you .
  2. Mr. white was to call at my house after he finished his speech .
  3. The train on platform 3 is for london , calling at didcot and reading .
  4. I often felt a charitable prompting to call at the place and see poor bartleby .
  5. He calls at every house in the street once a month and always asks for a meal and a glass of beer .

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