by ones in a sentence

"by ones" in Chinese  
  1. Nussbaum said in a statement issued by one of his lawyers.
  2. The Braves won it, by one game over the Dodgers.
  3. It is controlled by one of President Suharto's sons.
  4. "You can't just go by one game.
  5. Godsman said he was told by one first-time cruiser.
  6. It's difficult to find by ones in a sentence.
  7. The percentage of lawyers over 40 actually rose by one point.
  8. One by one, Jennifer did the things on her list.
  9. The amendment failed in the Senate last fall by one vote.
  10. Boston has now surpassed Washington and Tampa Bay by one point.
  11. One by one the other starters all had produced quality starts.
  12. Big East teams have lost three championship games by one point.
  13. He made a free throw to beat us by one point.
  14. It took them just 30 seconds to get down by one.
  15. It looks like it was sold by one of my siblings.
  16. One by one, the babies were placed in the van.
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