by ones in a sentence

"by ones" in Chinese  
  1. Right now the MOF can control the problems one by one.
  2. All games in this series have been decided by one goal.
  3. Mary's friends are each defined by one distinguishing trait.
  4. He trailed by one and knew that time was running out.
  5. Some surveyers might be bothered by one potentially onerous job restriction.
  6. It's difficult to find by ones in a sentence.
  7. Zoeller birdied the 11th and 13th to go up by one.
  8. So every dollar gained by one state is lost by another.
  9. The Rangers did and now trail the Yankees by one game.
  10. One by one, the little boy removes each tiny doll.
  11. Judged by one important number, his business is picking up.
  12. They're running us off one by one ."
  13. By one measure, the deal may be a record breaker.
  14. One by one, contenders fell back until only five remained.
  15. Warren's been punched in the shoulder by one member.
  16. The measure failed by one-tenth of a percentage point.
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