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  1. To ensure anonymity, they are being referred to only by number.
  2. In particular the List of countries by number of total troops.
  3. Eid in the square event were attended by number of participants.
  4. Dividing by number of teams in the NFL ( 30 ).
  5. Otherwise why not go the way of music and name dances by number?
  6. It's difficult to find by numbers in a sentence.
  7. PAINTING BY NUMBERS : Komar and Melamid's Scientific Guide to Art.
  8. The success of a museum cannot be measured only by numbers and image.
  9. All jurors were identified by number to protect their privacy.
  10. But going strictly by numbers misses a more fundamental point.
  11. Therefore, they are often regarded as numbers by number theorists.
  12. :And rank them in descending order by number of tries.
  13. If she's painting by numbers, everyone else is using crayons.
  14. Seeing he was overpowered by numbers, he made no resistance.
  15. Measured by numbers, this season was less impressive than last.
  16. By number of students, Ferndale Elementary ranks 41 of 100.
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