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  1. It was impossible to discuss Bonds'season with being numbed by numbers.
  2. Samples were identified by number, and only Fuchs knew the names.
  3. Bellringers do not ring by a musical score but by numbers.
  4. See List of countries by number of mobile phones in use.
  5. MEXICO'S 32 STATES ( Ranked by number of voter districts ):
  6. It's difficult to find by numbers in a sentence.
  7. The teams are first and foremost ranked by number of points.
  8. The dyadic product is multiplied by numbers to scale the dyadic.
  9. All jurors were identified only by number to protect their privacy.
  10. The authors also show the mark Hispanics are making by numbers:
  11. This is all part of a grand plan hatched by numbers.
  12. Online, Quicken lists those checks only by number, not by payee.
  13. Members are typically referred to by number rather than by name.
  14. At the time the lifts were referred to only by number.
  15. Boats are classed by number of rowers and their approximate age.
  16. Footnotes are designated by numbers in parentheses; footnotes follow the text.
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