by noon in a sentence

"by noon" in Chinese  
  1. By noon, 18 trucks were lined up and waiting to cross.
  2. The utility said it expected to restore electricity by noon today.
  3. It was brought under control by noon ( 1000 GMT ).
  4. By noon, Bingham was exhausted and not eager to press on.
  5. The court ordered ART to file its response by noon today.
  6. It's difficult to find by noon in a sentence.
  7. The " I brought braciole " count exceeded 16 by noon.
  8. We expect to begin moving all stories by noon ET, Saturday:
  9. Airstrikes in the vicinity of Sarajevo appeared to cease by noon.
  10. The violence intensified Saturday, when four fires brewed simultaneously by noon.
  11. City cleanup crews had the streets back to normal by noon.
  12. Bliley demanded that the records be produced by Noon EST Friday.
  13. Gone by noon were policemen with guns drawn and search dogs.
  14. I want to see it fixed by noon on Friday ."
  15. Downing and fellow senior Ashley May were in line by noon.
  16. His name will probably be etched on the wall by noon.
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