by its very nature meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "by its very nature" in a sentence
  • 就其本质而言
  • its:    pron. 〔it的所有格〕它的,其 ...
  • very:    n. 维利〔姓氏〕。
  • nature:    n. 1.自然(现象),大自然;自然 ...
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  1. Good enough . the mind , by its very nature , divides and opposes
  2. The self by its very nature delights in everything and its energies flow outwards
  3. For the work environment at the university poses , by its very nature , special problems
  4. Soa , by its very nature , is focused on business process alignment , with a strong enterprise focus
    就其真实的本质来说, soa专注于业务流程联合,重点在于企业。
  5. One place where children soak up a characteristics is school , which is , by its very nature , a highly competitive institution

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