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  1. All other payments must be made by check, bank transfer, debit or credit card.
  2. Five of his exclusive clients paid by check, Karas says.
  3. Donations by check or in the form of a supermarket gift certificate are preferred.
  4. The following year, he was charged with three counts of misdemeanor theft by check.
  5. Refunds may be paid by check or as a credit.
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  7. Only 15 percent of in-store purchases were paid by check.
  8. A security deposit of $ 210 is required in cash or by check in francs.
  9. He is accused of four counts of theft by check for amounts under $ 500.
  10. They haven't been involved in any larceny by check.
  11. Payment can be made by check or money order.
  12. Nationally, purchases by check decreased 4 . 7 percent.
  13. All payments will be made from the Treasury Department by check mailed to the taxpayer.
  14. Fieger pays by check and drives to his next stop, the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  15. Deposits are by check or credit card, not cash.
  16. We have already seen this power abused by check-users.
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