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  1. The average residential bill, typically paid by check, runs $ 58.
  2. Nationally, purchases by check dropped by 3 . 8 percent over last year.
  3. The SISA portal followed the template set by Check & Secure.
  4. Two, consumers can avoid the surcharges some companies establish for payment by check.
  5. Other payments must be made by check, bank transfer, debit or credit card.
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  7. To be deductible, these need not be made in cash or by check.
  8. If you pay in cash or by check, always ask for a receipt.
  9. Would have required election-day expenses over $ 50 to be paid by check.
  10. Somebody rents a hall to run a card show, probably pays by check.
  11. Payment by check, money order or VISA must accompany the completed ticket order form.
  12. Ninety to 95 percent of athletes are paid by check,
  13. Purchases by check account for at least a third of all spending, TeleCheck said.
  14. Payment by check or cash will be accepted on the day of the forum.
  15. _Pay tax-deductible items by check or credit card whenever possible.
  16. Payments made by checks won't be covered by the agreement.
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