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  1. Buyers who had paid the higher price were sent refunds by check.
  2. All other payments must be made by checks, debit and credit cards.
  3. TeleCheck said about one-third of holiday purchases were paid for by check.
  4. Wages and pensions in Ukraine are not by check but through banks.
  5. From now on Pitzner said " our payments will be by checks.
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  7. WebSwap sends payments to the sellers by check within two weeks.
  8. Tickets can be purchased by check, money order or credit card.
  9. Shopkeepers sheepishly ask for telephone numbers when being paid by check.
  10. For needs beyond that, payments can be made by check or credit card.
  11. If you paid by check, ACOG will send you a check.
  12. The couple made $ 16, 056 in charitable contributions by check and cash.
  13. Cost, including shipping, is $ 27, payable by check or money order ._
  14. Some are based only on sales paid by check, or certain credit cards.
  15. Q . What if I paid by check, or in cash?
  16. Nationally, purchases by check dropped by 3.8 percent over last year.
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