by attorney in a sentence

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  1. Those details dovetail with the protests made by attorneys who represent detainees.
  2. The United States was represented by Attorney General Janet Reno.
  3. The federal investigation was defended on Thursday by Attorney General Janet Reno.
  4. The statement by Attorney General Patrick Chinamasa left many observers in confusion.
  5. Maariv quoted from the secret annex written by Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein.
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  7. He was chosen for the job today by Attorney General Janet Reno.
  8. Danforth was appointed in September by Attorney General Janet Reno.
  9. His words were translated into English by attorney Michael Choi.
  10. At trial, the prosecution was led by Attorney General Francis Biddle.
  11. Nunn was represented in court Wednesday by attorney David Treimer.
  12. Rudolph was initially defended by attorney Richard S . Jaffe.
  13. Randall was represented at the sentence reduction hearing by attorney Mark Stevens.
  14. A third attempt to produce the Apollo was by attorney Robert Stevens.
  15. Independent adoptions are usually arranged by attorneys and typically involve newborn children.
  16. In that legal action, he was represented by attorney David Ganezer.
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