by attorney in a sentence

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  1. FINRA rules do not require parties to be represented by attorneys.
  2. Gall was represented by attorney Marc Milavitz from Boulder, Colorado.
  3. Bercovici was represented in his plagiarism suit by attorney Louis Nizer.
  4. Rosa was represented at trial by attorney Brian E . Gonzalez.
  5. Franklin Street Works was founded in 2011 by attorney Kathryn Emmett.
  6. It's difficult to find by attorney in a sentence.
  7. Both players were represented by attorneys who are UCLA boosters.
  8. A lot of cops are tired of being pushed around by attorneys,
  9. The situation requires prompt intervention by Attorney General Janet Reno.
  10. The house was built in 1895 by attorney Greenduke Tarlton.
  11. Her release was agreed to by Attorney General Dan Lungren.
  12. They are not represented by attorneys, SEC officials said.
  13. That downswing coincided with an upswing in claims by attorneys.
  14. Tyson will be represented by attorney Lawrence Weinstein of New York City.
  15. Those findings were cautiously embraced by Attorney General John Ashcroft.
  16. Anything that is protected by attorney-client privilege is still protected.
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