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  1. In it he claimed that the source of the natural disasters Japan faced at that time was due to the weakened spirit of its people, caused by attachments to religions that disavow the primacy of the people themselves.
  2. It is that voice, so full of pity and sadness and compassion, not unlike the voices of Job or Ecclesiastes, that glimmers through this poignant and unhappy book like an unquenchable ember : " We live by attachment,"
  3. It is stated that once an infant's safety needs are met ( by attachment ) they become more able to focus on learning and responding to the social and emotional needs of caregivers . ( Schore, 2003ab ).
  4. C-PTSD is also characterized by attachment disorder, particularly the attachment needs, they may have particular difficulty in responding sensitively especially to their infants'and young children's routine distress such as during routine separations, despite these parents'best intentions and efforts.
  5. Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, gets rid of dysfunctional emotions caused by attachment disorders, such as jealousy, rage, rejection, loss, and commitment issues that are brought on by the lack of response from a parent or the loss of a loved one.
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