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  1. Bonds probably felt the Giants owed him this consideration, keeping his streak alive for a couple games by artificial means.
  2. The Azeri government, however, responded by saying that the jailed opposition figures would be force fed by artificial means.
  3. Breathing, heartbeat, and other involuntary functions may still occur, but they can only be detected by artificial means.
  4. Thirdly, conservation programmes for the sake of financial benefit underestimate human ingenuity to invent and replace ecosystem services by artificial means.
  5. Several 19th century United States Supreme Court decisions hold that a previously known natural product manufactured by artificial means cannot be patented.
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  7. Whether insemination takes place naturally or by artificial means, however, the pregnancy and the progress of it will be the same.
  8. He said that he and his wife have signed living wills stating that they do not want to be kept alive by artificial means.
  9. Apart from the recurring theme of natural subjects represented by artificial means, Altman is also questioning individuality, loneliness and loss of identity.
  10. His contentions could have legal ramifications in the dispute over whether she should be kept alive by artificial means to try to save the fetus.
  11. The purpose behind using any synthetic substance is the same : to get " faster, higher, stronger " by artificial means.
  12. Removal by artificial means is considered unlikely due to the lack of associated damage to the playa that a truck and winch would have caused.
  13. They stated that " any attempt by artificial means to convert a majority into a minority is not only inequitable, but doomed to failure ".
  14. Refrigeration by artificial means was an abhorrent idea as the thinking was for natural refrigeration though lot of consumable goods perished without any effort towards refrigeration.
  15. In the latter sense, biorobotics can be referred to as a theoretical discipline of comprehensive genetic engineering in which organisms are created and designed by artificial means.
  16. Still, some investors and analysts remained skeptical about Kodak's ongoing battle to cut costs and its strategy of improving profits by artificial means such as buybacks.
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