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  1. It wasn't prduced by artificial means until the 1940s.
  2. Who does that mother think she is, getting pregnant by artificial means?
  3. Very small amounts of certain nuclides are produced on Earth by artificial means.
  4. Either naturally by yelling, or by artificial means?
  5. He is being kept alive by artificial means.
  6. It's difficult to find by artificial means in a sentence.
  7. Such puffers are typically produced by artificial means.
  8. After the donor was brain dead, his organs were kept pumping by artificial means.
  9. By artificial means, the flow of clean water into the Everglades will be restored.
  10. "It was recommended in the'80s to limit rates by artificial means.
  11. Darkness set in for the second run, with the course lit by artificial means.
  12. A few hours later, he admitted that Obuchi was unconscious and breathing only by artificial means.
  13. :People not so old are kept alive by artificial means, e . g . pacemakers.
  14. The eponymous Algernon is a laboratory mouse who has undergone surgery to increase his intelligence by artificial means.
  15. As with Quinlan, doctors said Cruzan could exist indefinitely by artificial means but had no chance of regaining consciousness.
  16. The Rhine-Meuse connection with Rotterdam was restored by preventing the build-up of deposits by artificial means.
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