by appointment in a sentence

"by appointment" meaning  "by appointment" in Chinese  
  1. In all, parliament has 545 seats with two filled by appointment.
  2. The traditional beach-architecture headquarters building features massage therapy by appointment.
  3. The remaining two seats in parliament at filled by appointment.
  4. You can visit their farm, French Hollow Alpacas, by appointment.
  5. Open by appointment, it is clearly a boon to Miami.
  6. It's difficult to find by appointment in a sentence.
  7. The Center is open during community festivities and by appointment.
  8. The villa and garden are open until November by appointment.
  9. Mobell will continue to meet with old customers by appointment.
  10. Of the dozen makers, several can be visited by appointment.
  11. Service is by appointment only, via a special phone number.
  12. She said she would meet with them by appointment only.
  13. Urban Impact, Inc . also provides guided tours by appointment.
  14. Private lessons are $ 40 for a half-hour, by appointment.
  15. Group tours only by appointment . ( 817 ) 897-2286.
  16. The jobs have been filled by appointment since then.
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