by analogy in a sentence

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  1. This includes odd one out, by analogy, and series completion.
  2. The names are justified by analogy to the more commonly studied network flow problems.
  3. This was termed a vesicle by analogy with lipid vesicles.
  4. By analogy, imagine GA reviewers as investors and the backlog as a stock price.
  5. By analogy with the case, the general contraction operation is sometimes called the trace.
  6. It's difficult to find by analogy in a sentence.
  7. Generalized further to complex functions and, by analogy with the complex inner product above, gives
  8. This study is referred to as differential Galois theory, by analogy with algebraic Galois theory.
  9. By analogy, Dea Matrona may conceivably have been considered the mother of the Gaulish Maponos.
  10. Existing binding precedent from past cases are applied in principle to new situations by analogy.
  11. Proof of effect cannot be provided by analogy with in vitro, animal or cell experiments.
  12. By analogy, they came to be known as'boilerplates '.
  13. Not having a Hungarian background, I could only describe the difference by analogy with Ives.
  14. By analogy, " four nights'accommodations " requires the apostrophe.
  15. My titles sometimes come from poetry, sometimes from the other arts; they work by analogy.
  16. Presumably, these anomalous alternations were mostly eliminated by analogy.
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