by analogy in a sentence

"by analogy" in Chinese  
  1. But arguments by analogy are always weak in discussions of usage.
  2. It applies to ?301 and duty of fair representation claims by analogy.
  3. That's how we teach our students-- to reason by analogy ."
  4. Ives invites us to laugh at the chimps'predicament and, by analogy, our own.
  5. Extensive work has also been done in reasoning by analogy abduction.
  6. It's difficult to find by analogy in a sentence.
  7. By analogy, the Dodgers ( $ 350 million ) are the local junkyard.
  8. The term " astronautics " was coined by analogy with aeronautics.
  9. This development may be by analogy of the corresponding liquid clusters.
  10. Nevertheless, it is also extended by analogy to other forms of identification documents.
  11. The Neptune trojans are termed'trojans'by analogy with the Jupiter trojans.
  12. By analogy the term is sometimes used in non-sporting contexts.
  13. It was coined by analogy with the adjacent Kingsbury station.
  14. :As was implied above, such things usually work by analogy.
  15. Some originally weak verbs have taken on strong-type forms by analogy with strong verbs.
  16. The name is by analogy with the way that bankers account for liquidity constraints.
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