by ambulance in a sentence

"by ambulance" in Chinese  
  1. He was taken by ambulance to the spinal unit of a hospital.
  2. Gadarowski was rushed by ambulance to Hartford Hospital with a police escort.
  3. Israeli soldiers treated him in the lobby and evacuated him by ambulance.
  4. Five were taken away by ambulance after crossing the border.
  5. He was rushed to The Queen's Medical Center by ambulance.
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  7. Witnesses said one Israeli soldier was wounded and taken away by ambulance.
  8. The agent was taken by ambulance to Detroit Receiving Hospital.
  9. Vernazza and Douglas were both taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.
  10. Three other inmates were taken by ambulance to hospitals with unspecified injuries.
  11. The two injured men were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.
  12. The man, covered in blood, was taken away by ambulance.
  13. For Mohammed Abu Ajamieh, it means commuting to work by ambulance.
  14. Several elderly women appeared to faint and were treated by ambulance workers.
  15. Paramedics arrived and took Mackayala by ambulance to the hospital.
  16. A Palestinian wounded in the incident was evacuated by ambulance.
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