by ambulance in a sentence

"by ambulance" in Chinese  
  1. He left by ambulance at intermission due to an appendicitis attack.
  2. I saw some people on stretchers taken away by ambulances.
  3. He was taken by ambulance to the Canton Hospital-University Vaud.
  4. Dozens of hostages were taken away by ambulance including the Japanese ambassador.
  5. After the fight, Holyfield is rushed by ambulance to the hospital.
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  7. After being stabilized, she was taken by ambulance to the hospital.
  8. The poor guy was taken by ambulance to a hospital.
  9. Glavine was taken by ambulance to the hospital's trauma unit.
  10. Both were taken by ambulance to hospitals in stable conditions.
  11. About 10 police and one student were taken to hospitals by ambulance.
  12. Eyewitnesses said several people covered in blood were taken away by ambulances.
  13. Sinatra was taken by ambulance from his Beverly Hills home Tuesday morning.
  14. The injured were taken to hospitals by ambulance and helicopters for treatment.
  15. Ciubuc, 55, was brought to the hospital by ambulance Tuesday.
  16. She was rushed by ambulance to a nearby medical camp.
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