buy me in a sentence

  1. He didn't tell me he would buy me a player.
  2. "The sharing buys me time, " he said.
  3. Maybe she can buy me a new pair of pants.
  4. "The company can't buy me back with a bonus.
  5. Since then, every major syndication company has tried to buy me away.
  6. It's difficult to find buy me in a sentence.
  7. He did buy me lots of things, though.
  8. Bad : Wish these cheapskates would buy me some decent presents for once.
  9. I guess you people didn't buy me as me ."
  10. She says : " Oh yes, do buy me a drink.
  11. They had to buy me hook, line and sinker or forget it.
  12. She called me out of the blue and wanted to buy me out,
  13. He always said he'd buy me a house with a chandelier.
  14. I doubt that anyone can buy me for money.
  15. "They'd love to buy me.
  16. she buys me is that no-fat stuff.
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