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  • 企业倒闭
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  1. My father suffered many business failures . my mother was weak and often sick . therefore , i had to take on the dual responsibility of caring for my mother and helping with family finances
  2. The combinalion of limited liability and no mutual agency means that persons can invest limited amounts in a corporation without fear of losing all their personal wealth because of a business failure
  3. There have been some false starts and business failures in this field , but some potentially more durable systems are now emerging in a number of countries , albeit still mostly in only embryonic form
  4. Go bankrupt there is a regulation in the law , army ex - serviceman is found a place for after some enterprise , with respect to the other worker with this enterprise same , business failure , ought to according to go bankrupt the regulation of the law gives find a place for
  5. A large number of banks encountered business failure because of the bad assets since 1980s , hence it is of great significance to study and use international successful experience of handling bad assets for reference when we try to deal with our own problems

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