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  1. It also includes 20 firm orders and 40 options Business Express holds for Brazilian-made, 37-seat Embraer jet planes, scheduled for delivery starting next August.
  2. Business Express Airlines, New England's largest regional air carrier, said Friday it is being bought by American Eagle, the commuter-airline affiliate of American Airlines.
  3. Bridgeport-based Atlantic Air served MVY in the mid-1980s before merging into Business Express Airlines, which continued service to MVY under the Delta Connection brand.
  4. Vice president Warren Wilkinson said Business Express also owes money to others, including rent and fees due for the use of Logan Airport in Boston.
  5. Business Express expects to save money by merging flight schedules on routes between small cities as the small planes are withdrawn and replaced by larger craft.
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  7. In November 1998, Business Express Airlines announced service between Presque Isle, Maine's Northern Maine Regional Airport from Boston Logan commencing with four daily round trip flights.
  8. By the mid-1980s the two airlines merged and were purchased by Hartford-based Business Express Airlines, which initially flew only from Brainard Airport to Boston and Philadelphia.
  9. He says there is a " delicate web " at Logan in which commuter flights, such as Cape Air and Business Express, feed the larger airlines.
  10. The investment group took over ownership in May 1997, settling a Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding begun when Business Express defaulted on aircraft lease payments in 1996.
  11. Operating as Northwest Airlink, Business Express Airlines initiated service to Aspen / Snowmass from Minneapolis / St . Paul International Airport during the 1995-1996 ski season.
  12. This week, flight attendants at American Eagle carried picket signs and handed out leaflets protesting AMR Corp .'s plans to merge Eagle with newly acquired Business Express.
  13. One of the passengers on the Business Express Airlines Inc . plane suffered an ankle injury during the evacuation, said Mary Rose Loney, director of the airport.
  14. Though not associated with TWA as many of former AmericanConnection airlines were, Business Express Airlines was yet another air carrier which flew under the AmericanConnection marketing banner.
  15. Some 12 hours before, a Business Express flight on its final approach was forced to abort its landing when a Continental Airlines vehicle drove across the runway.
  16. Two " Business Express " trains provide a luxury commuter service, travelling from the suburbs to Cape Town in the morning and the reverse in the afternoon.
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