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  1. Business Express, a commuter airline that has regional air service contracts with Delta, Northwest and American, also will be relocated.
  2. Wilkinson said Business Express, along with other commuter lines, already is phasing out its small-plane fleet as a cost-cutting move.
  3. In an effort to appeal to its predominantly business commuter clientele, the airline assumed the Business Express name in 1985.
  4. Business Express, a Delta Air Lines'Connection air carrier, also operated seasonal jet flights into Nantucket utilizing British Aerospace BAe 146-200 aircraft.
  5. Behind on payments for its airplanes, Business Express Inc ., New England's dominant commuter airline, has been placed in involuntary bankruptcy.
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  7. The two trains involved were Metroplus Express Train 0600 and Business Express Train 1602, both of which are operated by PRASA Rail.
  8. Business Express Airlines, Portsmouth, N . H ., a unit of Delta Air Lines Inc ., named Gary Ellmer chief operating officer.
  9. BUSINESS EXPRESS AIRLINES, Portsmouth, N . H ., a unit of Delta Air Lines Inc ., named Gary Ellmer chief operating officer.
  10. The company had offered pay increases, particularly for less experienced attendants, but not on par with Business Express wages, according to the union.
  11. Nevertheless, Business Express was unable to penetrate Southern vacation travel markets due to overlap with other Delta Connection carriers in Cincinnati and Atlanta.
  12. Shortly thereafter, Business Express became one of Delta Air Lines's first Delta Connection carriers, along with Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Comair and SkyWest Airlines.
  13. Friday's deal includes Business Express's schedules, route system, operating certificate, and a fleet of 43 leased Saab 340 aircraft, each with 34 seats.
  14. All privately held Business Express stock was acquired by AMR Eagle Holding from several shareholders including the Philadelphia-based investment firm Dimeling, Schreiber & Park.
  15. Using its radial approach to route development, Business Express launched service to Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport in 1994, competing directly with Midwest Express.
  16. The airline said all tickets on Business Express are written through Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines, which have said they would guarantee flights.
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