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  • 商业城
  • business:    n. 1.事务,业务;事,事业,行业 ...
  • financial:    adj. 1.财政(上)的,财务(上 ...
  • centre:    n. 1.中心;中心点;圆心;中央; ...
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  1. In the designs , the winners ( lau hei - man and wong yan - yuen ) presented hong kong as an international business and financial centre , a cosmopolitan and vibrant city , an arts and cultural hub as well as a tourist destination
  2. High - powered business talksseminars with speakers from hong kong to update the business sector on the trading and investment opportunities in hong kong , and to demonstrate hong kong as asia s key business and financial centre and the best location for regional operations
  3. With its strategic location as the gateway to china , its status as an international business and financial centre , world - class transportation and communications infrastructure and top quality hotel services , hong kong is well - positioned to seize these opportunities . however , this window of opportunity is small and hong kong needs to take quick and aggressive action in order not to lose out to the competition such as shanghai and singapore
  4. From the office of the chairman of the hong kong and shanghai banking corporation on the 34th floor of the hsbc building in central you look out over one of the great business and financial centres of the world . this office is without doubt the pinnacle of banking in hong kong and arguably in the whole region
  5. The contest was divided into two groups , primary and secondary schools . the students were invited to express their imagination and creativity in depicting hong kong as an international business and financial centre , cosmopolitan and vibrant city , gateway to china , arts and cultural hub and tourist destination

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