bridges game in a sentence

  1. "It's the opening bid in a bridge game, and you're leading with an ace-- playing the best card first,"
  2. A retired elementary school principal, Mathews says she takes her 1978 Cadillac Coupe de Ville from one end of town to the other for errands and for daily bridge games.
  3. During a bridge game at the club, Reinhardt met the publisher A . S . Frere, who inspired Reinhardt to adapt his import / export business into a publishing house.
  4. Premier has added bridge games, shuffleboard, low-impact aerobics, line dancing, a grandmothers'tea and a grandfathers'beer bash to its regular list of shipboard activities.
  5. Invited by Mimi, Nigel, escaping from a bridge game, goes to meet her in her cabin, but it turns out she and Oscar have played a joke on him.
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