bridges game in a sentence

  1. View of Pisa during the bridge game, engraving by Anton Francesco Lucini, drawing by Stefano della Bella ( Rome, 1649)
  2. One of the regulars in my weekly bridge game complains that I shuffle the deck too many times, leading to perverse distributions.
  3. "We don't get on buses to see them, we meet them in the supermarket and at bridge games ."
  4. How many other lawyers can boast of spending weeknights as a high school student at the home of his chemistry teacher perfecting his bridge game?
  5. It is not usually doubled even when it is pronounced long, except when a word with this sound has an the bridge game ).
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  7. Later on, when Alton tries to return from Trapp's bridge game, the car engine fails and he is forced to stop.
  8. Like most young couples, the Doles lived on a tight budget and entertainment mostly consisted of bridge games or dances at the local veterans halls.
  9. To give you some idea of how competitive a bridge game can be, the Weatherwaxes are one of the few married couples who played together.
  10. When asked whether his bridge game resembles how he plays the stock market, Buffett said, " I don't play the market.
  11. "The Club d'Alep " opened in 1945, is a unique social club known for bridge games and other nightlife activities.
  12. Studies show that human card shufflers aren't nearly as good at mixing up cards to guarantee the maximum variety in bridge games, Jannersten said.
  13. But especially during the early Stonington years, their domestic routine had a dull sameness, as they wrote to Lurie about dinner parties and bridge games.
  14. Their alibi will be the bridge game for which she has set up the cards with false scores to indicate the progress of some time having elapsed.
  15. The boys work their way into the home of a socialite ( Symona Boniface ) who is concerned with a lack of participants in her weekly Bridge game.
  16. But the calendar in her kitchen is full : Bridge games, trips to Hastings, meetings at the United Methodist Church, Sunday dinners at Elavoni's.
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