bridges game in a sentence

  1. Forrest Turner found himself stirring to his wife's defense during bridge games in their retirement community.
  2. In 2016 the events were run separately, as the World Bridge Games, in WrocBaw, Poland.
  3. In the drawing room, the table with the cards for the interrupted bridge game is still in place.
  4. The bridge game was set up after the event as an alibi for the four members of the family.
  5. The guest bedroom ( currently set up for those bridge games ) and baths are the only entirely separate rooms.
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  7. All you have to do is take part in a bridge game and later ask the four people what happened.
  8. "' Honeymoon Bridge "'is a term for various forms of two-player Bridge games.
  9. But her bridge games faded away as friends died, and without her realizing it, her life became more constricted.
  10. When Dorris West came back to town after a long absence, she contacted African-American friends about a bridge game.
  11. Topping my mother's Christmas list this year was a bridge game compatible with her new Windows 2000-running laptop.
  12. The academy faxed me back and said, ` You couldn't even put a bridge game together . "'
  13. The director of a duplicate bridge game or their assistants may shuffle the decks immediately before play starts, or in advance.
  14. Despite praise from Gloria, Trapp demands to be taken home immediately, cancelling all his bridge games until the national tournament.
  15. The Charlestonian drove to a weekly bridge game and, until she developed back problems several years ago, played golf and tennis.
  16. Square black tables with poker lights overhead and captain's chairs provided the setting for chess, backgammon games or bridge games.
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