bridges game in a sentence

  1. He also bid wildly but successfully in the bridge games he loved.
  2. A passenger at my dinner table hunted in vain for a bridge game.
  3. The Bemans won the bridge game _ " They murdered us,"
  4. Saturday night bridge games at the White House were a feature of his presidency.
  5. She could let others ferry her to bridge games, the supermarket and to church.
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  7. Imagine what would happen if your mom invited a motorcycle gang to her bridge game.
  8. She was on her way to a bridge game when she collapsed and never recovered.
  9. Monday afternoons are reserved for a bridge game with three friends and neighbors, all widows.
  10. Get up a weekly bridge game.
  11. Stamps became stakes in bridge games.
  12. Unlike squash in the 80s, it seems that few business deals are struck over bridge games.
  13. During a bridge game after dinner, the clasp of Mrs Betts'pearl pendant necklace broke.
  14. Fuller directed both regular bridge games at " several New York clubs " and some special events.
  15. Some nights there weren't enough people in the stands to start a bridge game ."
  16. Think of what would happen if you invited a motorcycle gang to your aunt's bridge game.
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