bridged crossing meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "bridged crossing" in a sentence
  • 架桥跨越
  • bridge:    n. 【牌戏】桥牌战,打桥牌。 au ...
  • crossing:    n. 1.交叉,相交;横切,横断;横 ...
  • bridged:    跨接的; 用风桥接通的
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  1. Erection of the temporary bridge crossing for stream 26 near pak kung au
  2. Continuation of erection temporary bridge crossing for stream 25 near pak kung au
  3. Bridge cross vein
  4. Erection of the temporary bridge crossing for stream 26 has been completed near pak kung au
  5. This thesis studies shear lag effect on three representative forms of cable - stayed bridge cross sections by different theoretical methods

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