bridgeclimb in a sentence

  1. The tours, called BridgeClimb, will be run by a private company on a 20-year lease and the operators must ensure strict safety standards to ensure no-one falls from the arch onto the road, 134 meters ( yards ) below at its highest point.
  2. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, another landmark, can be climbed with a small group and a guide from the tour operator BridgeClimb for one of the best views in the city . ( Another place to reach the heights is the top of the AMP Tower, 1, 000 feet up .)
  3. You can't wear anything loose that might plunge to the highway and bridge below . ( I had to use a BridgeClimb-issued scrunchy to tie back my hair and leave my watch in a locker . ) You must don a radio transmitter, a safety harness and a lightweight, gray jumpsuit over your street clothes . ( Think extra on " Star Trek ."
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