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  1. We checked into the Bridgeclimb office on an overcast morning and surrendered everything on our persons, down to coins and lip balm.
  2. Then BridgeClimb entered the picture, spending years and millions so we mortals could see Australia's largest city from a lofty perspective.
  3. More recently, in 2011 and 2012, BridgeClimb was awarded  Best Guided Tour in Australia at the Australian Traveller Readers Choice Awards.
  4. The pylon was closed from April to November 2000 for the Roads & Traffic Authority and BridgeClimb to create a new exhibition called " Proud Arch ".
  5. GETTING THERE : BridgeClimb's main office is convenient to Sydney's most popular tourist area ( Opera House / Circular Quay / the Rocks ).
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  7. In January 2012, BridgeClimb introduced a fourth climb option, the Mandarin Climb, where guests are taken on a climb by a Mandarin-speaking guide.
  8. Or, if you have the guts and cash ( $ 117 and up ), take a guided hike to the top of the superstructure . www . bridgeclimb . com
  9. The idea of ascending a massive steel-arch bridge might not appeal to everybody, but before ruling it out you might want to stop by the BridgeClimb reception lobby.
  10. After protracted wranglings with officials and engineers, he secured a contract with the state government and founded BridgeClimb, which began leading small groups of tourists up those walkways in October 1998.
  11. Also, Lonely Planet has recognised BridgeClimb Sydney as one of the world's top 10'Biggest Adrenaline Rush'experiences as well as one of the  10 Best Things to Climb '.
  12. BridgeClimb's main office is located on Cumberland Street at the south end of the bridge, in the Rocks area of Sydney, site of the original British settlement and today a bustling tourist area.
  13. Reservations can be made on the Web at www . bridgeclimb . com or by phone at ( 61 ) 2 8274 7777 ( BridgeClimb does not maintain a reservations line in the U . S .)
  14. Reservations can be made on the Web at www . bridgeclimb . com or by phone at ( 61 ) 2 8274 7777 ( BridgeClimb does not maintain a reservations line in the U . S .)
  15. BridgeClimb issues just about everything you might need : caps for sun protection, beanies and fleece for warmth, parkas for rain ( the climbs are halted only in times of strong winds or electrical storms ).
  16. Cristyne L . Nicholas, president and chief executive of the board, said that she had originally met with the Sydney operator, Bridgeclimb, in late 2000 to discuss something similar in New York, but that the events of Sept . 11 had stymied their progress.
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