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  1. It is a resident breeding bird endemic to the Gulf slope of northeastern Mexico.
  2. RSPB recorded visiting and breeding birds and surveyed their populations.
  3. It is a significant area for wildlife and particularly for wintering and breeding birds.
  4. There is a wide range of invertebrates and breeding birds.
  5. The ones that are being killed are adult breeding birds,
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  7. Other notable breeding birds include corn crakes and red-billed choughs.
  8. Of 296 breeding bird species, 18 were threatened with extinction.
  9. In addition to breeding birds, sometimes non-breeding rockfowl are present.
  10. Hiddensee is especially well known for its many breeding birds.
  11. There are 82 breeding bird species and 48 butterfly species.
  12. Non-breeding adults are duller and browner than breeding birds.
  13. Ospreys are still extremely rare breeding birds in England.
  14. In 2010 there were 575 breeding birds in Flanders.
  15. Breeding birds include nuthatch, great spotted woodpecker and treecreepers.
  16. In the warm months, its treeless plains are cloaked with breeding birds, caribou and bear.
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