branch on in a sentence

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  1. The nearest ( BofA's branch on Fell Street ) is blocks away ."
  2. This is just a new branch on the tree of life.
  3. CCB officially opened its New York branch on 6 June 2009.
  4. He was elected incumbent president of the Budapest branch on 22 February 2003.
  5. I cleaned all the rough and all the branches on the golf course.
  6. It's difficult to find branch on in a sentence.
  7. By 1969, CNS opened its first branch on the Naval Station.
  8. _Cut the branches on a mild day when the temperatures are above freezing.
  9. Passenger trains were withdrawn from both branches on 10 September 1962.
  10. A third rail was laid along the Basingstoke branch on 22 December 1856.
  11. We put ( eucalyptus ) branches on it in special ceremonies.
  12. "I can't offer the Greens an olive branch on this ."
  13. Banco Popular de Puerto Rico has a branch on Graham Avenue.
  14. Another fire would destroy the Newburgh branch on May 23, 1900.
  15. They started running on the Beckton branch on 9 May 2011.
  16. Branches on the latest models have the texture of real needles.
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