bottom feeder meaning

  "bottom feeder" in a sentence
  • noun
    1. A fish that feeds on the bed of the sea, a lake, etc (also bottom fish)
    2. A despicable person (slang)

  • [British slang]
    Noun. A despicable person.

  • [Computer]
    /slop'suhk-r/ A lowest-priority task that only runs when the computer would otherwise be idle. Also called a "hungry puppy" or "bottom feeder" (after the fishermen's and naturalists' term for finny creatures who subsist on the primordial ooze).

    One common variety of slopsucker hunts for large prime numbers.

    Compare background.


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  1. Even the bottommost of the bottom feeders are minding their manners.
  2. Only one game separates the division's three bottom feeders.
  3. Sturgeon are bottom feeders, eating primarily insects and small crustaceans.
  4. Worse, the university has become what educators call a bottom feeder.
  5. I thought there would be a lot more bottom feeders.

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