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  1. You can pull a bottle out on a winter night after shoveling the driveway and it lets you know spring is still out there.
  2. "They either bottle out at that point and face the consequences, or they risk their shirts, " said Williams.
  3. Some in the crowd of 25, 266, which consisted largely of Salvadoran fans, hurled bottles out of the stands in disapproval.
  4. She puts a pill in her mouth but quickly spits it back out, then tosses the open bottle out the third-story window.
  5. I left the beer in the freezer a little bit too long, but when I pulled the bottle out the beer was entirely liquid.
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  7. UNDATED : Part of yesterday I spent collecting cans and bottles out of a quarter-mile of ditch along the road that fronts my land.
  8. By choosing to continuously fill any multi-use water bottle, the consumer keeps disposable bottles out of the waste stream and minimizes environmental impact.
  9. Is it true there are cases when getting cold water in a closed bottle out of a fridge would cause it to freeze suddenly when opening?
  10. "It takes a certain courage to live with the aftermath of spectacular misjudgment rather than bottling out and scampering home, " it added.
  11. Kelly Goodman said Dylan and his sister Megan, 10, had each tossed a bottle out to sea on the morning of Megan's birthday.
  12. They think that a redneck is a person that drives around in their truck, throwing bottles out the window, looking for people to beat up.
  13. If you must use the freezer to chill wine, set a kitchen timer as a reminder to take the bottle out before it's too late.
  14. Parents got a special warning : Keep the bottle out of reach of children, because liquid Kaletra contains enough alcohol to be dangerous if a child overdoses.
  15. Then, as Tyson was heading to his dressing room, someone threw a full water bottle out of the stands and hit a fan who was taking pictures.
  16. If you have passengers pulling 3 bottles out of various pockets of their bags it's going to waste more time then if they are all in one place.
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