bottle opener in a sentence

"bottle opener" meaning  "bottle opener" in Chinese  
  1. -- Corkscrew, bottle opener and can opener.
  2. The weapon features a bottle opener in the front handguard and wire cutter built into the bipod.
  3. Metal replicas of the building that function as actual bottle openers are sold in the tower's gift shop.
  4. On a poster near the construction site, the tower and its hole looked more like a gigantic bottle opener.
  5. Q : What is the origin of the term " church key " when referring to a bottle opener?
  6. It's difficult to find bottle opener in a sentence.
  7. The Dave Attell beer-bottle opener?
  8. Robert Ruark of New York City sent the president a bottle opener made from the tusk of a boar.
  9. Include a tablecloth, napkins, bottle opener, corkscrew, paper plates, plastic utensils and at least one large plastic trash bag.
  10. Screeners have been confiscating items as common as razors, fingernail clippers, cigar cutters, wine corkscrews, bottle openers and scissors.
  11. I saw an advertisement for an artsy bottle opener that said it was " 3D printed stainless steel ".
  12. That makes not just a bottle opener, but the man who can use it, a relic of a lost civilization.
  13. To him, something geometric _ vaguely the shape of a bottle opener _ seemed to take shape at Bigfoot's waist.
  14. Most Brookstone products, from air-injection wine-bottle openers to barbecue forks with built-in thermometers, are promoted as ideal gifts for men.
  15. When he was elected governor, Patricia Corona found a job selling keychains, bottle openers and postcards with the president's image.
  16. And until three days ago he had never seen a pop-bottle opener in action, at least not to his recollection.
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