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  1. Among her other books were " Rainbow Jordan,"
  2. And yet, the book shouldn't be utterly dismissed.
  3. The book is about logical food ideas with a fresh eye,
  4. Both books are to be published posthumously, his family said.
  5. They wanted me to order 44 books just to be considered,
  6. It's difficult to find book in a sentence.
  7. He wrote and edited scores of books and hundreds of articles.
  8. There are no loose ends or confusing turns in this book.
  9. I've been called everything in the book ."
  10. Book it : Texas Stadium, Jan . 15, 1994.
  11. There are no rule books on what the right moves are,
  12. Lots of action in the new book, lots of it.
  13. "It's the same damn book ."
  14. Troy said the book has also proved useful in divorce cases.
  15. I've studied this and made lists of major books.
  16. He raises questions about the accuracy of the owners'books.
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