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  1. Belfrage's ambivalence toward her father runs through the book.
  2. This was a very tough book to adapt for the screen,
  3. In his book " I Never Had It Made"
  4. My books will be filled with drama, action and excitement.
  5. In " A Book about a Thousand Things,"
  6. It's difficult to find book in a sentence.
  7. First is the book's subject matter, Manzo says.
  8. They have found books about Haiti for the director Jonathan Demme.
  9. Two Seattle residents stopped to book cabins for their honeymoon nights.
  10. The burning of books leads ineluctably to the burning of heretics.
  11. His next book will take up that part of the story.
  12. In his book, " Men at Work,"
  13. Her Goldwyn Productions books Matthews and other entertainers into promotional events.
  14. Ironically, Leamer also planned to omit Bridget from his book.
  15. It's not that ( the book ) sentimentalizes them.
  16. Inside, it's wall-to-wall books.
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