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  • 上船登船接舷攻击
  • board:    n. 1.板〔通常指宽4英寸半以上厚 ...
  • ship:    n. 1.船;大船;海船;舰〔作阴性 ...
  • on board a ship:    在船上
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  1. Before boarding a ship to the south pole , the time in a plane should be a full 27 hours or so
  2. Every effort should be made by those responsible in port and on board a ship to facilitate shore leave for seafarers as soon as possible after a ship ' s arrival in port
  3. On the first of september 1651 i went on board a ship bound for london ; never any young adventurer s misfortunes , i believe , began sooner , or continued longer than mine
  4. " oil " means any persistent oil such as crude oil , fuel oil , heavy diesel oil , lubricating oil and whale oil , whether carried on board a ship as cargo or in the bunkers of such a ship
  5. A ship ' s power station is a plant which generators and continuously supplies electric power to various auxiliary machinery on board and meets the electric power demands of the whole ship . normally , a ship ' s power station consists of a prime mover , generators and their ancillary equipment ( to form generators sets ) and distribution boards , being an essential part of the power system on board a ship

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