blue paint meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "blue paint" in a sentence
  • 蓝漆
  • blue:    adj. 1.青,蓝,蓝色的,天蓝色 ...
  • paint:    n. 1.颜料;涂料;油漆。 2.化 ...
  • blue enamel paint:    蓝色瓷漆
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  1. He started with the sky and later described how “ very gingerly i mixed a little blue paint on the palette , and then with infinite precaution made a mark about as big as a bean upon the affronted snow - white shield
  2. When we come closer to the building , it is not difficult to recognize that not all the external walls are coloured in blue ! it was said that the workers of the lands department only got blue paint during the period of repairing work , so it was used to renovate the external wall at the time

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