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"bloom" meaning  "bloom" in Chinese  
  1. He said the blooms take about a month to become strawberries.
  2. They are healthy, but we have yet to see blooms.
  3. I'd love to see my blooms frozen in time.
  4. Companion planting expands the season of bloom in a rose garden.
  5. Then there are those persistent algal blooms in the western bay.
  6. It's difficult to find bloom in a sentence.
  7. It didn't take long for love to bloom again.
  8. Later in the season, smallmouth bass bloom in the river.
  9. They bloom from August to September and make great cut flowers.
  10. Shear them back periodically, and they will bloom all summer.
  11. "Why doesn't my lilac bloom ?"
  12. Bloom's depression led him to the study of gnosticism.
  13. Bloom contrasts self-affirming gnosticism with Christian self-abnegation.
  14. According to the indictment, Bloom replied : " Yeah.
  15. Thomas said, standing by a plant with skimpy red blooms.
  16. Blossoming Talent Plants could soon be made to bloom to order.
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