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"bloom" meaning  "bloom" in Chinese  
  1. I would love something that blooms all summer, if possible.
  2. Go with the receiver that can deliver a full sonic bloom.
  3. They'll bloom whether you're there or not.
  4. A wild Canterbury bell bends with the weight of its blooms.
  5. These should be planted in midsummer to bloom the following year.
  6. It's difficult to find bloom in a sentence.
  7. The power of each being to bloom in its own way.
  8. We have a chance, now, for a second bloom.
  9. Publicis / Bloom and offices of Publicis collaborated on the campaign.
  10. Bloom called this " the suicide of science ."
  11. He inquired whether I had ever seen the desert in bloom.
  12. At 16, her considerable powers have come into full bloom.
  13. The sacred lotus begins heating as its flowers start to bloom.
  14. Midsummer I moved them to full sun _ still no blooms.
  15. In another, a rose blooms in the middle of winter.
  16. But the bloom may be off the rose in the West.
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