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  1. Conversely, the Niners lost 1, 000-yard rusher Garrison Hearst six weeks ago to a broken clavicle, and although he has been practicing this past week, he was not allowed contact even with a blocking sled until Friday, and on the day that he engaged in it, Pro Bowl tight end Brent Jones popped a calf muscle to make him questionable Sunday.
  2. The running, swimming, and cycling events were relays, with the cycling done on tandem bikes; the obstacle course ( which had its blocking sleds replaced by monkey bars similar to those used in the women's competition, as it was felt that the football teams would have too much of an advantage over the baseball teams ) was decided by best combined time.
  3. The game offered Glen Rice banging in jump shots from every imaginable angle on the floor, adjusting the arch of his shots with hands in his face, in mid-air; Othella Harrington's elbows flailing; Brian Grant parallel parking between Marcus Camby and Larry Johnson; and, of course, the required altercation, which this time featured Johnson and Anthony Mason using each other as blocking sleds.
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