blocking machine meaning in Chinese

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  • 抛光机
  • 烫印机
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  1. In the text , differential coefficient method and numerical value differential coefficient method have been introduced for crank slide block machine accuracy analysis , and influence of the fitting clearance of moving pair to component moving error has been given
  2. Abstract : the features and trends of building - block machines and flexible production lines consisting of those machines both in china and oversease are presented . also discussed are the critical issues for flexible production line consisting of building - block machines used in china tractor manufacturers
  3. The zy440 - a automatic blocking machine is an ideal after - printing binding equipment for all kinds of printing plants and binding plants , which can be used to glue single page or multiple pages for paper - cover binding and to glue end paper of hard cover book and advanced motebook before thread sewing of bookblock , greatly meeting customer ' s demand to save labor force

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