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  1. Abstract : this paper discusses both the present situation and tendeney of the blenching and scoring equipment both at home and abroad . it analyses the chief futures of the commonly - used equipment and shows the views on its development both at home and a list of some models for reference is listed as well
  2. We use fuzzy mathematical morphology to remove noise and dust which can lower noise successfully and also make up a loss of intensity caused by fluorescence blench . to acquire the target region , we purpose automatic gridding method based on image segmentation for image with irregular spots , it ' s segmentation through threshold . this method is presented simply and fast
    在网格定位中,本文针对信号点不规则的芯片图像提出了基于图像分割的自动定位方法? ?阈值分割,该方法简单快速,但对于光密度分布不均匀的信号点,可能会去掉部分微弱信号,降低了计算的准确性。

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