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  1. A bioassay " Culex pipiens " was followed to test the activities.
  2. Sediment toxicity is evaluated based on bioassay analysis.
  3. It is a relatively weak estrogen in bioassays.
  4. Most commonly, the presence of a phycotoxin is verified by bioassay-guided fractionation.
  5. This includes air, soil, vegetation, water, bioassays, and swipe samples.
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  7. In 2011 Luminex Corporation's MAGPIX multiplexing bioassay platform received the Medical Design Excellence Award.
  8. Standard bioassay toxicity tests are utilized and are not organism restricted ( Chapman, 1997 ).
  9. The data can be tested by IR, NMR Spectroscopy, mathematical methods, bioassays, etc.
  10. Many xenobiotics produce a variety of biological effects, which is used when they are characterized using bioassay.
  11. The rabbit test became a widely used bioassay ( animal-based test ) to test for pregnancy.
  12. Typically, this occurs through the addition of the chemical decanal at some point during the bioassay procedure.
  13. A bioassay is conducted on the samples to test for correlation between tolerance and long-term contaminant exposure.
  14. Water pollution control requirements in the United States require some industrial dischargers and municipal sewage treatment plants to conduct bioassays.
  15. A bioassay with aqueous soil extracts that had been collected after soil incubation for 26 and 29 months, respectively.
  16. Six of the most promising isolates were tested in on-plant and in-litter bioassays in January 2000.
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